Did you know that most men use products in their hair? Whether it’s styling creme, molding creme, styling paste, hair gel, hair mousse, hair wax or hair serum, the list is endless. Shocker (or not!). After all, slicked back hair can be an awesome look for guys. But why do we use so many products in our hair? The answer is simple - we want to look good. Because looking good has a lot to do with feeling good - feeling confident, attractive, positive and upbeat. Guys, the truth is that you can look good without having to turn your bathroom sink into a mini salon. In fact, you only need 4 things to get perfectly conditioned and styled hair.

1. Shampoo: Shampoos are meant to clean our scalp and hair of dirt and grime. But beware of shampoos that claim to give you squeaky clean hair. Because what they’re essentially doing is stripping your hair of natural oils with their use of detergents, thickeners, sequestering agents, pH adjusters, preservatives and specialty additives; it’s almost like using laundry soap on your scalp. These natural oils are in fact good for you and keep away hair loss, hair damage and thinning of hair. So, what is an ideal shampoo, you ask? Shampoos that are mild and natural, and made without the use of parabens, fragrance, SLS and other synthetics, such as the one by Arata.

2. Conditioner: Natural conditioners are used to moisturize your hair, making them look straight, shiny and soft. They are especially great for guys with dry and frizzy hair as they smooth out the dry ends and add shine to the strands. But if you have oily hair, we suggest you use conditioners only once or twice a week, else it will make your hair look limp and lifeless.

3. Hair Cream: A good hair cream is all you need to tame the frizz and unruliness in your hair for a natural look. It’s easy to maintain throughout the day, with just a quick brush to fix it up, and washes out easily. Hands down, it’s our favorite product to get us through the day, making the hair manageable and shiny, with minimal effort and fuss. Check out Arata’s 100% natural Hair Cream, a perfect product to use on a daily basis.

4. Hair Gel: Picture this - you used your regular store-bought hair gel for a nice look before a night of partying with friends. But the next morning, your hair is a total mess (unless you wash it after coming home, which let’s admit, no one has the patience for). It’s poking out in every direction, and dry and brittle. Long-term effects could also be receding hair line or thinning hair as a result of clogging your pores with these synthetic hair gels. The solution is simple - no, not give up on hair gels entirely. Instead, switch to a natural Hair Gel such as the one by Arata, made using flaxseed extract, Japanese Honeysuckle extract and natural fragrance. It gives the same salon-like look minus the nasty chemicals.

Arata is India’s first personal care brand that makes a 100% natural Hair Gel and Hair Cream, for a salon-like look everyday. For more information, visit https://arata.in